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This Black-Gold Kara is made in a unique way. Solid gold wire is inlayed into the surface of the Kara and then it is baked in an oven, giving the Kara its distinguished black look. The black coloring will wear off after a few weeks, but the gold inlay work remains solid. This technique has been used for hundreds of years in the desert state of Rajasthan, decorating ancient sword and kirpan scabbards.

Double engraved:

The golden engraving on the outside of this Kara reads:
Gobinde, Mukande, Udaare, Apaare, Hareeang, Kareeang, Nirnaame, Akaame.
This mantra describes 8 of the aspects of God; the Sustainer, Liberator, Enlightener, Infinite, Destroyer, Creator, without Name and without Desire.
This mantra was used by Guru Gobind Singh’s warriors on the battlefield to give them strength and courage.

The second mantra is engraved on the inside of this Kara:
Ek Ongkar Sat Nam Karta Purkh Nirbhau Nirvair Akal Moorat Ajoonee Saibhang Gur Prasaad. Jap. Aad Sach, Jugad Sach, Hai Bhee Sach, Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach.
This mantra is known as Mool Mantra and can be translated as: One Universal Creator God. The Name is Truth. Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred. Image of the Undying, beyond Birth, Self-Existent. By Gurus Grace. Meditate. True in the Primal Beginning. True Throughout the Ages. True Here and Now. O Nanak, Forever and Ever True.

The Mool Mantra strengthens your Spiritual Foundation. Reciting the Mool Mantra gives an experience of the depth of your soul and can change your destiny and grant prosperity. Similarly, it is said that the total knowledge of God and ecstasy is contained in the Mool Mantra and that recitation of this mantra eleven times a day will lift you from the deepest depression, insecurity, nightmares and loss. 

The Kara is hypo-allergenic, rust proof, and guaranteed to arrive without imperfections. 
The weight of the Kara may vary slightly, depending on the size.

This Kara is available in the following sizes: 
S: inner diameter approximately 6,4 cm.
M: inner diameter approximately 7,3 cm.
L: inner diameter approximately 7,7 cm.

History and use of a Kara: 
The Kara is originally a bracelet made of iron or steel and was first given by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the 10th Sikh Master, in 1699 as one of the 5 K's of the Sikhs - a powerful protection and radiant symbol for the one who wears it.
A circle with no beginning and no end, the Kara represents man’s unbreakable relationship with the eternal creator and the Infinity. The steel or iron is a reminder of the strength of the bond which unites us together and ultimately to the Divine.

A Kara is not only a spiritual or religious garment, it is a powerful jewel of radiance, enhancing your personality and presence. In the science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, the Kara is also valued for its energetic-magnetic effects on the Aura – strengthening the male or active energy when worn on the right hand, and the female or more receptive energy when worn on the left hand.

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